leonard_arlotte (leonard_arlotte) wrote,

New year, old ride

My friend contacted me wanting to go on a bike ride, so I took her up on it. We left on Sunday at around 5:45, and went to
ride the Dayton loop in reverse. I picked this one based on the fact that the wind was out of the Southeast when we started,
so would be at our backs on the way back. As is typical, the wind shifted halfway through, to come out of the southwest, so
we had wind in our faces going out and coming in. It was a little chilly, but not unbearably so.

Overall, a pretty good ride to start the year.

I've been told by a coworker that they have a group for training for the CASA ride, and asked if I wanted to be included on
the mailing list and join them for training. I eagerly accepted, so I can start getting out more to get my endurance up. Also,
now that my classes are over, I should have more free time in evenings to get rides in each week. Perhaps I'll be able to hit
that 1000 mile goal this year.

I did do a couple of stationary bike rides last month too.

Miles Ridden: 22.14
Top Speed: 28.5 mph
Average Speed: 11.0
Year to date: 22.1
Goal 1000 miles: 2.2%

Road Miles: 22.1
Stationary bike miles: 24.7
Total: 46.8
Tags: bicycling

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