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More riding before challenge

I sure have been lax in posting here. Sorry for my thousands of dedicated readers.

So I've been really pitiful about riding. There has been an excessive amount of rain from the sky and excuses from my butt keeping me off the road.

Back when Age of Ultron came out, I rode my bike to the theater. Not a lot of miles, but it was a nice short night ride.

Miles Ridden: 4.85
Top Speed: 27.0 mph
Average Speed: 11.1
Year to date: 27.0

Last week, I couldn't use weather as an excuse, and got in a ride on Wednesday. Went out to Dayton again, and the weather was gorgeous. A little breezy, but not overly onerous. A big dog jumped out to play with me, and I ended up running into him, and my wheel went over his paw. Neither of us were hurt, and I think he may have learned a lesson about momentum.

Miles Ridden: 21.25
Top Speed: 31.5 mph
Average Speed: 11.6
Year to date: 48.2

Today I'm doing the CASA challenge again, to ride on the Subaru track for 24 hours. I am not trained up for this. My fundraising will require at least 38 miles in the tutu on the track. I'm hoping to be able to endure for at least 100 miles. We'll see. I look forward to watching the ISS pass overhead at 10:07 tonight.
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