leonard_arlotte (leonard_arlotte) wrote,

Closing out last year

Ugh, I've been super lazy about posting. It's been over 8 months since I posted.

Summary of CASA: I rode 88 miles, and made pretty good time. Pacing myself to only do 5 laps then a rest paid off quite a bit, taking me a lot farther than I expected considering my lack of training. I'm signed up again for this year, and hope to get more riding in before hand. That said, I only rode my bike one time since CASA, and that was in October. It's been six frickin months since I've been on my bike. Gotta change that.

Miles Ridden: 88.00
Top Speed: 19.4 mph
Average Speed: 12.3
Year to date: 136.2

The one ride I did since then was out to an employee picnic that wasn't too far from my house. However, I got a flat tire at the site, and couldn't ride back. Didn't even bother fixing the flat til this year.

Miles Ridden: 5.19
Top Speed: 20.0 mph
Average Speed: 11.6
Year to date: 141.4

All in all, a rather anemic 2015.
Tags: bicycling

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