May 17th, 2019

Raccoon on a Bicycle

Is this thing on?

*blows off a lot of dust*

*cough cough*

Yeah, so i fell out of the habit of riding my bike, and only have ridden it once in the past couple years. Bad Leonard. No donut.

I was wanting to change that habit, and today made a good day to do so. Since it's Bike to Work day, and I happened to be working days this week, I rode my bike to work. One of the issues to work against that was getting my work satchels carried. They have straps I can wear on my shoulder, but that gets awkward.

This past Christmas I asked to get a pannier rack for my bike. Installed it last night, found where  had my bungees stored, strapped my bags to the back, and rolled into work. There's a big river between home and work, so home and work are on opposite sides of a valley. That means it's uphill, both ways. However, in the intervening time the city has done a lot to support and enhance bike infrastructure. I was able to ride up the hill in a protected bike lane... and I rode up the hill all the way. It's not a major killer hill, but a decent one nonetheless. I've seen people pushing bikes up it before, so I consider it an accomplishment that I pedaled my 280+ pound carcass the whole way up without stopping (the lights happened to be with me). That's what those low gears are for.

I have really been wanting to explore the new bike trails that have been setup around West Lafayette. Today has been like breaking through the ice to get myself moving to do that. Stretch goal this year: CASA challenge!